How to enter the European Market?

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, multifaceted information and assistance to our clients in relation to bringing their products, services or technologies into the European market. A fundamental prerequisite of this market entry is the solid legal standing and protection of the products, services or technologies relating to the business activity.

In our office we provide consulting, monitoring and administrative assistance to our clients on an European level, based on near 30 years of experience in the field of Intellectual Property Protection. Our aim is to paint a clear picture for our clients about the legal status of their intellectual property, products, services or technologies, and to build up a comprehensive intellectual property protection strategy based on our client’s business priorities. Our office provides complete confidentiality in relation to your initial inquiry, and to later communications during the consultative, administrative steps.

Protect your market interests

It is a well known fact for business entities that in each market and geographical area it is necessary to protect their products, services, technologies and intellectual property from a legal standpoint.

The aim of protecting intellectual property is twofold: Firstly it guarantees exclusivity for the products, services, technologies. The scope of exclusivity spans manufacturing, marketing, licensing and import. Secondly, intellectual property protection proves the originality and priority of the products, services and technologies against market competitors.

In our experience building up the legal protection and registering intellectual property at an early, appropriate time can preempt later legal disputes and litigation, thus saving businesses the related costs. In certain disputed situations it can also help setting the situation straight, and help reaching a positive outcome.

Our Services

Consulting, intellectual property monitoring and administrative assistance.

Our offer for business entities interested in entering the European market is to help explore the possibilities for the European legal protection of their products, services, technologies from the aspect of intellectual property.

This detailed analysis enables the identification and execution of complex intellectual property protection strategies constructed for the particular business priorities, activities and needs of our clients. Our office also provides assistance in the filings and administrations related to the execution of a comprehensive intellectual property protection strategy.

Our services are aimed both at business who are entering the EU from the outside, and for businesses who are already active on a national level within the EU and are trying to expand their activities within the common market.

About Us

The founding partners of our office are Tamás Péter Varga (European Patent Attorney, European Trademark Attorney) and Ildikó Szilágyi (European Trademark Attorney), who work on the field of intellectual property protection with an experience of near three decades. Our activities cover a wide area of intellectual property administration relating to innovations and technical research and development.

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